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As the President and CEO of Total Integration, LLC and I would like to provide you with a brief overview of a significant tool that has greatly enhanced the business development process for hundreds of owners just like you. They have found the Flagship Assessment to be effective, simple and unique in the marketplace. Based on my direct experience, I think you will find this tool to be an asset in your business development efforts. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Eric J. Beck

What is the Flagship Assessment?


If your company needs an objective measurement and strategic positioning for sustainable growth and reduction in wasted effort, the Flagship Assessment will offer you a straight forward, unparalleled analysis of your organization from 12 key dimensions of business capability.

  • This strategic online tool will measure your business systems, leadership, and people from 12 key axiological areas to reveal what your current strengths and weaknesses are and precisely what to do about them. It creates an objective business capabilities baseline.
  • In two phases, one online and the other over the phone, the Flagship Assessment will give you specific action items that must be accomplished over the next 90 days to bring your vessel up to top speed. This is not only a “what to do” report, but it is truly a map that includes the exact steps that, if followed, will turn each area of need into a well systemized strength.
  • A two phased, comprehensive assessment tool that looks at 12 key dimensions of a company from the inside out and provides a pinpoint analysis of a company's barriers to growth.
  • A holistic view of the following:
    • Company's Strategic Planning Capacity
    • Company's Defined Market Space & Strategy
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Company's Ability to Execute
  • A concise summary of a company's structure and marketplace presence.

How the Flagship Assessment Tool Works:

  • Facilitated on-line (using 128-bit secure encryption) in Phase 1 and over the phone in Phase 2.
  • Using a proprietary questioning methodology, you will be guided through a series of strategically designed questions to provide data about your organization and operational characteristics.
  • Upon completion of the data entry, we will contact you and review the data to ensure accuracy, proper understanding, and consistency.
  • Once the information is confirmed, a comprehensive report is generated and emailed to you.

Why Use the Flagship Assessment?

  • This process gives an owner the proper knowledge and tools to position the company for significant and sustainable growth.
  • It provides an automated way of highlighting the most overlooked barriers to growth.
  • It provides an objective assessment to empower and enhance the decision making quality of the owner.

Who Would Benefit From This Tool?

  • Entrepreneurs and Owners involved in the process of increasing sales, market share, infrastructure, and focus, who are interested in an accurate, simple and streamlined manner.
  • Anyone who is a part of the management process that needs critical data about a company and its operations.
  • Anyone interested in a better performance from employees.
This tool gave me the clarity I really needed to get free of the daily grind and start reaping the benefits of ownership."

Dave Deloury, Owner, Deloury Industries, Inc.

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Being part of the Total Integration system has dramatically changed the way we do business. It has taught us how to work by strategy, rather than tactically, like most business owners. The Flagship Assessment helped us recognize areas of our business that lacked the necessary direction to keep the whole boat afloat. We highly recommend the Total Integration system to anyone desiring to achieve real success."

Juan and Sharon Restrepo, Owners, Home Rescue Solutions, Inc.

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